We Name Hurricanes, Why Not Heat Waves?

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We Name Hurricanes, Why Not Heat Waves?

We’re talking about heat in this episode. That might strike you as a bit odd, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere where summer’s long gone by now. But it’s easy to put out of your mind that the Earth is getting hotter in the winter, too.

Extreme heat from climate change is now a major health threat that is sickening and killing more and more people.

This has led some cities — just a handful of them so far — to do something pretty interesting. They’ve hired  “heat officers,” and two of them join Wes to talk through what it means to make a living battling rising temperatures–and why it’s a year round job.

Linda Poon with Bloomberg’s CityLab also joins Wes to explain why extreme heat has become top of mind, regardless of the season.

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  • Klaas

    Why stop there, why not name just every rain cloud

  • Brooklyn

    Those who benefit from the government's services but refuse to give back to it by paying taxes should tune in to our discussion show


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