The AP Collection The purpose of The AP Collection is to collect stories from the people around me. We tell each other stories to learn about and relate to each other. It's the basic way in which we get to know people and build relationships. The stories we create with our family and friends strengthen the bonds of those relationships throughout our lifetime. I want to collect these stories and create portraits of the people I talk to using their own words and storytelling voice. My focus is mainly on those who are also ‘creative types.’ Actors, comedians, writers, visual artists, and musicians share the common urge to create and share their craft with the world and I hope to collect a snapshot into their world. This doesn’t mean I won’t also sit down with anyone else who has a great story that they really want to tell. After the collection process, each person I talk to will become the subject of a small painting. I want to illustrate their outlook and thought process using their own words and answers to the survey to illustrate the inside of their personality. Want to talk? Send an email to
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