Adventure On the High Seas (in inflatable kayaks)!

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Adventure On the High Seas (in inflatable kayaks)!

A father explores the ocean with his family in inflatable kayaks. What could go wrong?

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  • RobertSidwell

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    Thanks for the friendly comments so far😊. Nervous about this episode as I was planning on another and switched to this and so proceeded without a creating a script for the first time. It led to some flaws, but hopefully some bonuses as well. I appreciate any feedback to help me decide what to do with future episodes. Thanks!

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  • Rick


  • Julee

    lol - my favorite line - "I know I've been gone from the story for a little while, but don't worry you haven't missed anything, we're still paddling and not getting anywhere" hahahahah

  • Caleb

    Fun Episode!


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