Talk Mommy to Me

Welcome to the Talk Mommy to Me Podcast, the spot for moms who want to break free of the hot mess mom identity for a better way. I’m Ruthie Silver, military wife, mom bursting with love for her two young boys, health and fitness expert, and online marketer. It’s my mission to help you stop settling for survival mode, find more joy and lightness in motherhood, and to step in the most vibrant version of you. It’s time to disrupt the constant depiction of moms as burnt out, frumpy, and totally selfless to the point of neglecting their own basic needs. Let’s be honest - we all have those hot mess mom days, you know, the ones where you’re existing on coffee until it’s time to mix a margarita - but it’s gone way overboard and become a real problem. This show changes all that and empowers you to be a happy, healthy, and fulfilled mama - while holding space for those raw moments.Each week, I will share a mix of sit down sessions with real moms like you and me to get a sneak peek into their motherhood experience and solo episodes that elevate your mindset, health, and fitness so you can thrive. It’s not about being perfect or put together - it’s about being a priority. We’ll have tons of fun, we’ll dig deep, and we’ll prove that you don’t have to be disheveled in order to be devoted to your family.It’s time to find balance. It’s time to feel confident. It’s time to radiate joy.You ready? Let’s bring this motherhood movement to the mic.
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