Take it to the Ring

Fight fans have you been looking for entertaining editorial wrestling content that focuses on the entire Wrestleverse and how its all intertwined? Are you looking for a show that doesn鈥檛 break the 4th wall and doesn鈥檛 get sidetracked by negative behind the scenes news, TV ratings, and ticket sales? Are you ready to celebrate wrestling and get lost in the Wrestleverse again? So are we! At Take it to the Ring, we get it, we are too. We are new fans, renewed fans and life long fans from all walks of life, age groups and competing points of view spanning the entire Wrestleverse who just love pro wrestling and fight Promotions. If a promoter has a watchable, weekly fight card that can be easily found on network or online, then we, the Wrestleverse, are watching. That鈥檚 why we are developing a new wrestling community full of hidden wrestling gems, Wrestleverse Rankings, Weekly match recommendations, Weekly Fight Card and PPV Recaps and dream Giveaways. Yes, dream Giveaways like Wrestling a VIP trip to Wrestlemania Week to experience over a dozen live events by promotions from all over the Wrestleverse. And yes, you are invited to be a part of all the fun. Just watch, like, subscribe and be instantly entered to win our subscriber tier giveaways or even become a Ring General and become an intricate part of the community with in person meetups, games, exclusive content, guest meet and greets and even more VIP fight promotion ticket giveaways. And now, get ready to be lost in the Wrestleverse because鈥t鈥檚 time to Take it to the Ring.
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