RV E20 - The Idea of Marketing is Broken | TikTok Live 23

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RV E20 - The Idea of Marketing is Broken | TikTok Live 23

In the 23rd installment of our Tuesday open office hours on TikTok Live, Chris discusses building culture and how, as a CEO, he sets his team up to be successful. He also shares his thoughts on how the traditional function of marketing is broken and the three different buckets it should be divided into.

We also opened the show up to Q&A and covered topics including:

  • Should sales and marketing teams transform into revenue teams?
  • How to expand a B2B operation into a new market
  • Suggestions for small studio content creation
  • Coping with repetition of the same message
  • Who should be targeted in LinkedIn ads?
  • When it’s right to move on to the next big thing
  • And more!

Tune in every Tuesday at 3pm eastern to ask your questions, or submit them here !

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  • Anika

    Whether you're in marketing or demand generation, this episode should be your first stop


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