The Man Who Saved Man U

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The Man Who Saved Man U

December 19, 1931. Walter Crickmer, the team secretary for a struggling Manchester United, is making the lonely walk up a long driveway to meet with a local businessman by the name of James W. Gibson. Though Gibson has no affiliation with the team and isn't even a fan of the sport, he's been targeted as the man to save Manchester United. But Gibson is not offering the club a simple loan; he's got big plans for the future that will come to be known as "The Gibson Guarantee."

Why was Manchester United in such a dire financial position? And how did Gibson manage to not only become the team's primary investor, but also steward the team into unparalleled success that continues nearly a century later?

Specials thanks to our guests. Dr. Gary James, organizer of the International Football History conference and author of "Manchester: A Football History," Jim White, author of "Manchester United: The Biography," Jon Reeves, author of "The Battle for Manchester", and Alan Embling, the great-nephew of James W. Gibson. 

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    This one really hits home

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