Kate Ceberano - Lockdown and observing what matters.

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Kate Ceberano - Lockdown and observing what matters.

I had a chat with the amazing Kate Ceberano from her home during lockdown.   Kate is warm, welcoming and humble.  She was insightful and philosophical.   I was really looking forward to this chat,  and I must say it really did surpass my expectations and I feel like I learned a lot.   In this episode we chat cover...

Bob Dylan being a messenger.  

Literature as a documentary.  

Using music as a vessel to mark moments in time.  
Being authentic with your art. 

The beauty of jamming. 

Getting on stage with the Finn brothers when you weren't actually invited.  AWKS!

Shameful Enthusiasm.  

Ash's Mum 

Being at the top of your game. 

Desiring to be somewhere you are not. 

Not being in the moment 

Enjoying the journey

The conversation that takes place with music. 

The true measure of success.  

Technology interrupting special moments. 



observing what matters


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This was such an uplifting soulful conversation! Hope you enjoy it and would love for you to reach out and start a conversation with us on Instagram here

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