The Right Way To Create B2B Marketing with a B2C Lens | Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Terminus

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The Right Way To Create B2B Marketing with a B2C Lens | Justin Keller, VP of Marketing at Terminus

Show Notes & Bio:

Justin Keller details his extensive journey in the world of B2B & Saas marketing. 

He went to business school at Indiana University,receiving his BA in English and Psychology, then proceeded to work in San Francisco for Visage, Jazz, and Whil Concepts. Inc, respectively. 

During this time, he also went on to receive his MBA from Purdue University in General Management.

During his time in San Francisco, his area of focus was primarily performance marketing. 

After his time in San Francisco came to an end, Justin transitioned into VP of Marketing at Sigstr, spending 3 years with them until Terminus acquired Sigstr in 2019.

During his tenure at Sigstr, he had an epiphany that marketing is so much more than just performance-based operations. 

If you’ve had the immense pleasure to be a part of Justin’s journey in the world of B2B/Saas marketing, then you too recognize the willingness and capabilities to leverage B2B marketing for consumers and clients. 

It’s very easy to utilize a run-of-the-mill sales funnel or buyer persona guide to entice customers to consume your products or services. 

However, the ways in which we buy into these services are always changing, and Justin makes it abundantly clear that this “one size fits all” method do not work.

Justin describes the B2B sector as a “noisy marketplace” and is dedicated to revamping the approach of B2B/Saas marketing, for the betterment of the digital marketing world. 

We are certain you will get the fundamental education on B2B Marketing with the intent of being more B2C if you follow Justin and his team at Terminus on their socials. 

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Justin Keller-VP Of Marketing at Terminus

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Top Key Takeaways from Justin Keller:

  • Hosting virtual events that are more like Coachella
  • B2B Marketing from perspective of consumer (B2C)
  • Getting away from the traditional methods of B2B Marketing, so that it’s not so linear and boring
  • Utilizing virtual events like Break Shit to act as a driving force for the B2B/SAAS sector of Digital Marketing
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