91. What To Gift The Overwhelmed Mom: Clutter-Free Gifts To Save Time, Money, and Her Sanity

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91. What To Gift The Overwhelmed Mom: Clutter-Free Gifts To Save Time, Money, and Her Sanity

Hey Mama, 

I know when I was dealing with littles and had minimal help at home, I was so overwhelmed and just needed a break! 

If you are shopping for a mom that is in this stage of overwhelmed and covered in children, here are some practical gifting ideas for her!

What will be most helpful? Does this mama know where she could use a helper the most? ASK HER!!!! If she can't think of anywhere, and it seems obvious to you, suggest it and be compassionately persistent, but give her a few options. Remember, this is a mama that is likely sleep deprived, and needs a break. The last thing she needs is someone adding more stress to her life! 

Maybe having someone clean her house is overwhelming, but someone cleaning her car makes her so excited she cries! Maybe she just wants a pretty yard, and doesn't have time/energy to put into making it pretty. 

Maybe she just needs the kids to be away for a few hours so she can shower alone! Maybe you know someone that can take the kids and you can invite her bestie over to hang out. 

Think about what she really needs. Maybe it's just the kitchen prep. Maybe she needs her pantry organized . Maybe she needs meal planning help.

Maybe she just needs a "mommy's helper" (an older child that comes to help with tasks or kids) for an hour or so. Like that 4-5(or7) o'clock time when the kids are just cranky! 

Where can you be the biggest blessing to this mama? 




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