She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho

I created this show, “She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho,” because I want to contribute to this growing sisterhood movement in the business space. I appreciate how we women are galvanising together; supporting each other to succeed at high levels. I especially would like to reach out to women who are embarking on their business journey, women who may be totally new to business and who are taking this giant step into running their own business! If you are reading this and thinking, “oh that’s me!” then this podcast is for you! The learning curve is steep and at times overwhelming. My mission is to be with you through this journey as your cheerleader and helpful guide. I want to provide you straight up information on how to win. This podcast will give you tools, tips, strategies, insights and perspectives on running a business. Episodes vary in length: Longer episodes of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs/mentors/industry experts and shorter mini-on-the-go episodes with precise content covering business concepts, techniques and strategies. I really hope that this podcast can be a place you can tune into to get inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, a-ha moments and friendship. :) The Road of Entrepreneurship is one great glorious adventure! I look forward to navigating this path with you. Rooting for you, Stacy
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