Second Citizens

In 1952 The New Yorker Magazine published an article about Chicago and mockingly titled “The Second City”. Who could have foreseen the irony that the publication that was started by and published the great wits of their day, Dorothy Parker, Alexander Woollcott, James Thurber and George S. Kaufman would end up christening the greatest incubator of comedy talent in show biz history? In 1959 on North Wells Street in that famed “second city”, for the price of $1.50 you could watch a revolution. The Second City has written and re written the history of comedy in America. It has been creating comedy and comedians whose influence would reach far beyond the walls of the theater into American culture. Beyond being a laboratory for modern improvisation they have also set the standard for contemporary satire in America AND Canada. But they are best known for the countless comedy geniuses who have cut thier teeth while working for the second city. From Alan Arkin to Bill Murray to Tina Fey to Tim Robinson and on and on, the list of comedy giants with ties to the Second City is seemingly endless. On The second citizens podcast, we interview Alums of the second city stages about their time working at the theater. Friendships made, lessons learned both good and bad, we set out to chronicle the formative years of our comedy heroes, before they were household names and try to get to the beating heart of an institution that thrives on creatives, but has been consumed by the corporate world. Join us as we talk to these talented second citizens.
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