168: Nebula Cache Manager with Jonathan Gillespie

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168: Nebula Cache Manager with Jonathan Gillespie

In this episode, we have a conversation with the lead software engineer here at Salesforce, Jonathan Gillespie. Jonathan develops in Apex and Liightning Components and works in the internal org, Gus. He has been on the podcast before, but he’s back to discuss the follow-up to his Nebula Logger project – the Nebula Cache Manager.

We talk about how Platform Cache works, how it works with Apex, and how it can make your life as a developer better. Jonathan also shares the three specific limits that led him to start thinking about better cache strategies.

Listen in to learn how the new Nebula Cache Manager can be a benefit to you.

Show Highlights:

  • What Nebula Logger is.
  • What happens when we have a static variable in Apex.
  • The difference between organizational and session platform caches.
  • The expiration of an organization.
  • How Jonathan handles an org with no Platform Cache.
  • The things Jonathan wanted to give back to a developer from a utility point of view.



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  • Jokramer

    The stories are entertaining, and the characters in the show are enjoyable to watch and admire


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