162: Demystifying CDP with Greg Kihlström

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162: Demystifying CDP with Greg Kihlström

Greg Kihlström is the Principal and Chief Strategist at GK5A, a marketing consultant agency in Arlington, VA. He’s a consultant to many C-level types and an expert in marketing. He also hosts The Agile Brand podcast and is the author of 11 books.

CDP has become a popular subject since the launch of Salesforce Genie, and in this episode, Greg shares a plethora of information about it. We talk about what CDP is, what the moving parts are, what it means to technical architects and developers, and more.

Greg is an insightful resource in the marketing and branding space. Listen in to learn from someone who is immersed in marketing and knows the ins and outs of CDPs and CRMs.

Show Highlights:

  • What an agile brand is and how it works with marketing and branding
  • What CDP stands for, and what it does
  • What the data points are that we apply back to the CDP
  • If there are regulations surrounding CDP for consumer privacy
  • What type of companies benefit from a CDP, and the risks of not using it
  • How Greg thinks generative AI impacts marketing



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  • Tammyrfancis

    It is a valuable resource for those working in the field of marketing and branding


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