144: Salesforce Saturdays with Steph Herrera Pt. 2

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144: Salesforce Saturdays with Steph Herrera Pt. 2

If you tuned into last week’s podcast, you heard from Steph Herrera. She is the co-founder of PepUp Tech and helped launch Salesforce Saturdays. All in all, her efforts have made a major impact in the Salesforce community.

Steph is back today for part two of our conversation. Throughout the episode, we talk more about Salesforce Saturdays and how Steph keeps it running with its now 60 chapters. We also discuss a topic that both of us are very passionate about: stress and burnout.

Show Highlights:

  • What Merivis is and Steph’s involvement with it.
  • The keynote Steph did at Dreamforce 2017.
  • Her tips for anyone preparing to give a keynote.
  • How mental health came onto her radar.
  • Why stress and burnout can become such a problem for people in the tech community.
  • All about the mental health panel Steph is doing.



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  • Palmer

    This is a beautiful story about the power of individuals putting aside their differences to work together to achieve a common goal


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