When Nothing Seems Like It's Working

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When Nothing Seems Like It's Working

When you own an online business, it’s very important to see the facts versus the story you believe about what’s working and what is not working. Having this objective point of view will get you through the times when you feel like nothing is working and you are even entertaining and playing with thoughts about how much easier it would be to quit. There are a lot of reasons that you feel like nothing is working but it usually comes down to not hitting a specific number of clients and dollars and not knowing HOW you will expand. 


You may intellectually know that the journey is bumpy and it is supposed to have the ups and downs that you are experiencing but it just didn’t seem like it would be to the extent that you are experiencing it. 


The place where we feel down is the very same place that we have the opportunity to experience a breakthrough. The moments when you don’t know what else you could be doing to get your client or income goals are when you make decisions that are just as impactful as the times when you are planning your next big win and you’re riding high on momentum. How you decide is always critical to your success.


No matter what current results you have in your business, you want to know how to find your motivation and belief again to achieve your desired goals. Let’s dig in. 


Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame, had reached a point where felt like giving up on acting. She told her husband she did not no how much longer she could take it. 


She auditioned for a secret role on a whim, and that role turned out to be for Wonder Woman. She also filmed while pregnant, overcoming what could have been a potential barrier. Think about what she would have missed out on if she hadn’t decided to take a chance when when she felt like giving up. 


Feeling down about your business is a natural and expected part of the process. You have a relationship with your business. It’s like any relationship, it will go through trials and be tested. Expectations won’t be met. Disappointment that things did not turn out like you thought they would is bound to happen. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be, it means that it is something different than what you thought it would be when you envisioned starting a business.


Think about your business as a relationship. If you are in a relationship with your business, it’s your job to see how you want to think about it, value it and nurture it. Think about how you want to problem solve. You have to decide what YOU will do about the circumstance that you are in. 


You can decide on how you want to feel about running your online business, which you can do whether or not your business feels easy or hard or is producing the results you want or not. It is an independent exercise. 


How you feel about your business doesn’t depend on evidence, it depends on your belief about the evidence. Your beliefs come from your values, not from outside influences. Think about what you believe about yourself? Your business? Your potential? Those are far more important than whatever you have or have not created. 


Example: you can have great results but not believe it’s enough or that it’s sustainable. You can have undesired results and decide that it’s because people won’t pay or that you don’t know what you are doing. These thoughts will generate from your core values and beliefs. That’s why so many companies establish mission statements and core values. 


You will want to decide your core values. Make a list of what you value.  Here are some core values: 







Decide if your core values are being reflected by how you are thinking now. You will want to identify the incongruent thoughts that are creating your negative outlook. Do you actually have negative default core values? Do you believe yourself to be inconsistent, uninspired, mediocre, afraid, half-committed?


We often think of core values as positive but if you are not solely identifying with these core beliefs, there is a core belief that you are believing that is actually a negative core value. This is nothing to shame yourself over but rather use as a way to understand and analyze what you would need to shift in order to create what you REALLY want to create instead.


What you believe the most is what you will see the evidence of in your business. Consistency means taking action, and what you are consistent at doing is the biggest predictor of your results. What you believe about your results is the biggest predictor of how you will feel about your business. 


The results you have created helps you to see the results of your overall actions and where you have the most consistency is going to be apparent. So if you have been largely consistent and have faltered at times in your belief, you will see the evidence leaning toward your desired result. If you have been largely inconsistent but at times, you did believe and took some actions, you will see evidence leaning away from your desired result. The results are just letting you know if your thoughts and actions are taking you in the direction you want to go. 


There are multiple paths to get to a goal and some may depend on your temperament. You may be a go-getter who can temporarily suspend emotions from blocking your desired results and take action from will power. You may be a feeler who can’t suspend the emotions and instead you suspend the pressure you are putting on yourself by escaping from the work you really want to do. In the long term, your feelings about the journey will make it sustainable or unbearable. You can take actions and be miserable and yet considered a success by outsiders. 


For example, white-knuckling through a diet. You lose the weight and then you are terrified of gaining it back. You gain it back and experience yo yo dieting. Or the one that cannot make it past day one or two of a diet that creates Dept-sabotaging evidence at every opportunity, creating confirmation bias that says “see I knew I couldn’t do it!” either way. 


Free yourself from the temptation to create a story of your perceived limitations. Don’t make your business personal, make it practical. Decide on and create from your core values. 


Consider your mental diet and what you are consuming and the thoughts that you have. Are you reading, listening, rehearsing and thinking about the ways in which you can reach your goals or do you spend more time on thinking about why you won’t or can’t?


Break down your process to the steps that are involved. Look at what you’ve tried and what you haven’t tried. 


Take steps to create desired evidence and develop awareness of the thoughts that fuel your efforts in the process. These thoughts are the ones that you want to develop as you move forward. These are the thoughts that will keep you away from feeling like nothing is working and that you want to quit. 


Remember why this is important to you: 


Personal achievement

Impact on the clients

Impact on how you see yourself

Income goals


People you surround yourself with


When nothing is working, think about what you want to achieve the most. Then draw a straight line to that and be loosely attached to the path to get there. Decide how you want that journey to feel and what kind of experiences you want to create when your result isn’t what you hoped it would be. Let the frustration be part of it rather than suppressing it, but don’t let it drive your actions. 

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