The 5 Year Journey: From a Cancer Diagnosis to Finding Peace

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The 5 Year Journey: From a Cancer Diagnosis to Finding Peace

I didn’t ask for cancer, but it sure found me! It found me in an aggressive way 5 years ago. I watched my so-called normal life implode. This wasn’t my first big fight, but it was one of those final straw moments. 

It was an abrupt stop in life as I knew it. Having the feeling that something is really wrong and then hearing “you have cancer” wreaks havoc in your world. It was like a black hole opened up and sucked me in. I’m not a dramatic person, but I can tell you it surpassed anything I had experienced before.

I started this show almost 2 years ago. It was 3 years after my first cancer diagnosis, after multiple surgeries,  2 years of cancer treatments and recently getting the all clear on a scan. The world was adjusting to this new realm of living in a world struggling to understand a pandemic.

I had to figure life out in a whole new way to live, to think and be. To find peace…

Listen to hear more about my story.

How do you sail through life? Join me on this endeavor! I would love to grow this amazing support community.

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** Sailing Through Life Podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

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  • Chris

    I very much appreciate the podcast representation 🎉


    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part

    6 months ago·9 likes·

    @yames check this podcast out its a great one

    6 months ago·6 likes·

    Great episode loved the thing but the intro was a little long

    6 months ago·4 likes·
  • laurin

    This one really hits home


    Very thought out! Can't wait to try it out.

    6 months ago·4 likes·

    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part

    6 months ago·5 likes·
  • Lisaa

    The part where he mentions that he wants to be adopted by a more functional family even at 45 yrs really hits home. Really delineates how no matter how old and independent you are, you still need love and support.


    Albert Einstein said, 'If you can't explain it simply enough, you haven't understood it well enough'.Dr Andrew brings such simplicity to explaining the workings of the brain. It's actually a hacker's guide into our own brain. You are doing great service to humanity Dr Andrew.

    6 months ago·8 likes·

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