Ruck's Place

Ruck's Place is a Podcast with episode that cover a lot of topics ranging Self Help, Success, Failure, Coping with loss as well as with gains. It's truthful and and honest in the delivery of it's content which is based in real and raw experiences. It's user friendly and simple to those who are open minded. It is not perfect as I am not in anyway, shape or form a perfect being. I will not try to be one ounce more than the sum of what I am in my offerings on this platform. I am just a man with an opinion based on my experiences in parenting, relationships both personal and in business, I live and love entrepreneurship! i am in the Real Estate business and have been for a long while. I look forward to sharing my story and ideas with you all. I hope to have feed back and critiques as I am a student of life and am always searching for wisdom and understanding in whatever it is that I experience.
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