INTRODUCING Homicide Highway: Billy Milligan

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INTRODUCING Homicide Highway: Billy Milligan

Homicide Highway is a True Crime podcast hosted by Harley Newell and Lacy Wilkinson. We are two friends who met because of our love for true crime. We cover and analyze cases down to the last gory detail. No case is off limits for us to discuss, no matter how much we may disagree on the circumstances or the outcome.

Billy Milligan was 5 years old when he was sodomized and buried alive by his step father. This trauma, along with his father completing suicide was the trauma that led to his personalities to splinter into others. What happens when one of your personalities decides to be a violent rapist? Well not good things. The victims in this story were also pushed to the side with the media frenzy that took over once the diagnoses came out that this man had 24 personalities living in his head.
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