Conversations w/ Murder She Told: Danielle Bertolini and the Humboldt Five

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Conversations w/ Murder She Told: Danielle Bertolini and the Humboldt Five

In part two of my discussion with Kristen Seavy from the Murder She Told Podcast we talk the disappearance and eventual discovery of the remains of her childhood friend Danielle Bertolini, as well as the Humboldt Five. Detailed description below.

Description of original episode on Murder She Told:

My childhood friend’s disappearance
The story that I have for you this week is the story of my childhood friend, Danielle Bertolini. She and I grew up together in my small hometown of Newport, Maine (population 3,200). We were friends and classmates in elementary and junior high, and I fondly remember her unapologetic and spunky personality.

At 23 years old, in 2014, she went missing in Fortuna, California in Humboldt County.

Today, she is known as one of the Humboldt County Missing Five.

Danielle’s mother’s heartrending interview
For years I followed her case on Facebook through the family’s updates, seeing and sharing their pain.

This is a story that’s been in my heart for a long time, but I just didn’t know how to tell right. But when I reached out to Danielle’s mother, to talk to me, on the record, about her daughter’s tragic disappearance and death, she agreed.

We sat down at my dining room table, and we had a surprisingly intimate and tough conversation about Danielle’s life, and her death.

The majesty of the redwoods and the darkness that lurks within
Danielle moved across the country to a beautiful area called Humboldt county, home of some of the tallest trees in the world, the giant redwoods. The beauty of the trees is juxtaposed by the ugliness of the crime and the proliferation of drugs in the area.

Alder Point, California, a small town in Humboldt County, is flanked by a famous peak dubbed “Murder Mountain” where many have gone missing and many have died. Murder Mountain initially got it’s nickname after serial killer couple Michael Bear Carson and Suzan Carson hid out there after murdering 26-year-old Clark Stephens in 1982, seeking refuge in the trees while police tried to nab the perpetrator of their crimes. But it stuck because of the sheer number of people who disappear and are found murdered in Humboldt County.

Drugs, lies, murder, and a search for justice
Danielle’s life was transformed by the loss of her son Xavier. She left behind her life in Maine, where she had constant reminders of her trauma, and went to find a fresh start in California amidst the redwoods.

But California wasn’t the answer she was looking for, and Danielle fell into the wrong crowd and was using heavily. Before her disappearance, she trapped and trying to find a way out.

One year later, a human skull is found washed up on the bank of the Eel River, and is ultimately identified as Danielle’s.

Join the fight! A petition to prioritize this case
I have started a petition on to dial up the pressure on this case. Danielle isn’t the only person to go missing under the same circumstances. There is a person of interest and there is evidence. Justice is so close. Help the family get the closure that they deserve.


A very special thanks to Billie Jo Dick for sharing her daughter’s life story and memories with me.

If you’re holding onto any information or think you might know something about the murders of Danielle Bertolini and Sheila Franks, I urge you to submit a tip to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.

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