Regenis 4 Chronicles (Book 1)

This book is the story of two young men, well they are not exactly boys being 16 and 18. They make a discovery, that seems to indicate a plot to do serious harm, but harm to whom and by who? There is not a lot to go on. Just as they are deep into their research their father discovers what they are up to and surprisingly volunteers his services to help out with their investigation, but then he disappears. Where did he go, when he left home and is he still alive? Can a 16 and 18 year old find their father and also find out just what is going on, without getting into trouble themselves? You'll just have to follow them on their adventure to find out. Suitable for age 9 -> 109. Contains some romantic elements and what do they say in the movies, oh yes, peril (there was me thinking it was a washing powder).
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