Land of the Giants: The Hidden Hand Behind Your Swipes

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Land of the Giants: The Hidden Hand Behind Your Swipes

This week, we bring you an episode of The Cut and The Verge’s latest season of Land of the Giants: Dating Games. This episode is all about Match Group, the company that went on an acquisition spree and now controls two-thirds of the dating apps market. To hear more stories about how dating apps became a billion-dollar industry and the algorithms that control your love life, subscribe to Land of the Giants wherever you subscribe to podcasts. Hosted by Sangeeta Singh Kurtz (@sangeetaskurtz) and Lakshmi Rengarajan (@Shmi_So_Far) Host: Peter Kafka (@pkafka), Senior Editor at Recode More to explore: Subscribe for free to Recode Media, Peter Kafka, one of the media industry's most acclaimed reporters, talks to business titans, journalists, comedians, and more to get their take on today's media landscape. About Recode by Vox: Recode by Vox helps you understand how tech is changing the world — and changing us.
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  • laurin

    Packed with purpose! These short bites of knowledge and wonder will give you inspiration to stay on your mission, build consistency, and serve others with all your heart!


    @yames check this podcast out its a great one

    6 months ago·1 like·

    Good stuff keep it up

    6 months ago·10 likes·
  • Roober54

    Daily listen podcast this is <3

    ·1 like·

    the intro is way to long but good episode still skip till 5:30

    6 months ago·10 likes·

    This one really hits home

    6 months ago·8 likes·
  • Josh

    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit

    ·1 like·

    This podcast and the sub has made the show better

    6 months ago·2 likes·

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