How to stay on top of the credit game in 2023 w/ Alisa Glutz

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How to stay on top of the credit game in 2023 w/ Alisa Glutz

As we ease into 2023, we are beginning to see more agents and LO’s working together to become more resourceful for their clients. They are focusing on what’s possible and the opportunities that are available so that they can serve better.


When it comes to mortgages as a Real Estate agent, how do we surround ourselves with people that are in tune with us and can help us serve? How do we encourage our clients to not give up? How do we reduce debt ratio and increase credit scores?


In this episode, Author and Founder of Color My Credit Alisa Glutz joins us to discuss credit in 2023, the things that people should put into their businesses and the do’s and don'ts of Real Estate, mortgage and marketing.

You’ll also learn

  • Practical optimism
  • Why authenticity is critical
  • TikTok and marketing
  • How to help your clients not give up on buying a home


Guest Bio


Born and raised in Arizona, Alisa is also a proud graduate of Arizona State University. After a successful beginning to her career working in Hollywood as an Executive for HBO and a Producer on ABC's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Alisa decided to return to her native Arizona where she became committed to helping her community realize the dream of home ownership and understand their true credit potential.


Find Alisa on LinkedIn @Alisa Glutz

Find Alisa on TikTok @colourmycredit

Find Colour My Credit on Instagram @colourmycredit



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