Where Self Meets World (Dan Siegel, M.D.)

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Where Self Meets World (Dan Siegel, M.D.)

“How do we actually with due speed, cuz this is a timely issue, start to live in modern culture, which is taken over the planet. Basically live in a way that is really about the truth of who we are. That we are a me and we are a we, and that if we live that way, we wouldn't treat each other as enemies, we would treat each other as relatives. You know, you don't get along with every relative the same way, but if they're in your family, they're your family. And if we then saw all of nature as the family of nature, you know, we would treat earth not like a trash can, but a sanctuary. And, and we would do this together. And we are incredibly collaborative, we're incredibly creative and yes, we can use competition, but what we can do in our competition is make it so we're competing to really deal with, you know, diseases and famine and all the problems we face. So when you win the competition, everybody benefits.” So says Dr. Daniel Siegel, a clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center. As an interpersonal neurobiologist Dan is focused on the creation of self—and his latest book, IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity, and Belonging takes his lifelong pursuit to understand the Venn diagram between personal reality and collective identity even farther: In it, he explores questions of consciousness, the importance of connection, and the world of quantum physics as it relates to our relationship with the external world. For Dan, the science of energy, which animates us all, is the study of the continuum of possibility to probability.  MORE FROM DAN SIEGEL, M.D.: IntraConnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity, and Belonging The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind Follow Dan on Instagram Dan’s Website To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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  • martin

    This is how all podcasts should be


    @yames check this podcast out its a great one

    8 months ago·7 likes·

    This one really hits home

    8 months ago·8 likes·
  • Chris

    Packed with purpose! These short bites of knowledge and wonder will give you inspiration to stay on your mission, build consistency, and serve others with all your heart!


    Good stuff keep it up

    8 months ago·2 likes·

    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️

    8 months ago·9 likes·
  • Kimberly

    Gold. Jesus Christ. How do you do it?


    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part

    8 months ago·6 likes·

    Insightful and timely. Heartfelt words of personal and intuitive wisdom. Matt speaks directly from his heart about life wisdom’s coming from experience and deep thought. I love it. Victoria Mcknight

    8 months ago·4 likes·

    BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Thank you Andrew for everything you do. Youre a true hero to society for the research you do and for sharing it with the public.

    8 months ago·1 like·

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