Poxyclypse-Labs are movie nerds. What? Once a week, we gather with friends to view and discuss new and old genre favorites, A) because we'd rather talk about films than most other things and B) in hopes of bringing attention to favorites you may have overlooked. Poxyclypse Movie Night is a weekly book club for movie nerds. People are over- and under-analyzing movies all over the internet. NOT THESE MOVIES. Stick around for a few episodes. I think you'll agree that our perspective is not the average, objective review. Peace... or the extreme lack there-of, wz3d (Chris) * since ep. 1 and ep.2, we've changed our recording situation, so sound quality will improve drastically from ep. 3 on... sorry for the questionable sound on these early 2, but I still feel the content is worth it. Thanks for listening.*
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