Hot Cheetos

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Hot Cheetos

A janitor walks out of a chip factory with a bag of dustless Cheetos and changes the global snack game forever. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

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  • David also did a good write up on his story a few years back. That piece is also worth reading.


    I remember this. Lovely to revisit thanks. Such a good hustler though I still feel bad he didn’t start his entire company or get more out of his relentless work and ideas 🥲

    2 years ago·

    @Sam fwiw there’s a recent article that refutes the veracity of Montanez’s role in the creation of hot Cheetos. At the very least the article suggested that his role was far less important than in other media narratives. Figured I’d lay that out there for the sake of transparency and completeness. As with many things, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. Still he did rise from janitor to higher level exec, that story is still compelling.

    2 years ago·
  • David

    If you want a feel-good, inspirational story about personal initiative, curiosity, and innovation, check out this story. Richard Montanez could barely read or write when he started as a janitor at Frito Lay. Two decades later he was VP and helped launch a product line now generating billions in revenue.

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