Special Ep: Mycology (MUSHROOMS) Tom Volk Memorial Encore

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Special Ep: Mycology (MUSHROOMS) Tom Volk Memorial Encore

In celebration of Dr. Tom Volk’s life: Mushrooms! Psilocybin! Humongous fungus! Black mold! Foraging! The incredibly charming and warm Dr. Tom Volk, world-renowned mushroom expert, welcomes Alie into his office to dive deep into the underground world of fungal enthusiasts and touch on pathogens and medicinal therapies. Dr. Volk himself was a heart transplant patient, and shared how his life had been changed since a donor saved it. Also: Alie holds his old heart in her hands. Dr. Tom Volk passed away on November 28, 2022 at the age of 63, and this encore is to celebrate his life and his life’s work with you. 

Dr. Tom Volk's awesome fungus website

This week's donations were made to DonateLife.net and The Mycological Society of America and his beloved BlueStars.org

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  • Malayah

    There is no better way to introduce science to those who don't already enjoy it than through this show


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