Indigenous Pedology (SOIL SCIENCE) with Lydia Jennings

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Indigenous Pedology (SOIL SCIENCE) with Lydia Jennings

Soil! Dirt! Earth. Dr. Lydia Jennings, aka Native Soil Nerd, breaks down the stuff under our feet and explains everything from mining to why soil can be different colors. Also: medicine from microbes, giving back to the land after extractive processes, collecting samples in urban rivers, elders’ ecological knowledge, planting hot Cheetos, potting soil mysteries, lung fungus, the smell of rain and why gardening makes you happy. Oh and running hundreds of miles for your science. 

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Donations went to and to Lydia’s film, Will Run for Soil

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  • Elsa

    When my anxiety is at an all-time high before, after, and even during the workday, your podcast is a welcome balm


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