Enigmatology (WORD PUZZLES) with David Kwong

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Enigmatology (WORD PUZZLES) with David Kwong

Crosswords! Puzzles! Wordles! Magic? Ah yes, world-renowned Enigmatologist David Kwong drops in to chat about the intersection of sleight of hand and brain games, covering everything from Scrabble strategies to how to get away with a surprise party unsuspected. Also: crosswords and dementia, how puzzles are like hot sauce, a secret group of Hollywood magicians, his most clever clues, cryptic crosswords, international slang, Wordle’s many derivatives, and how to get over your intimidation of all those empty squares. 

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The ENIGMAS playing card deck – with puzzles!

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  • Johneliot

    I'm really looking forward to listening to the geology episode next; the time is just great


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