Chickenology (HENS & ROOSTERS) Part 1 with Tove Danovich

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Chickenology (HENS & ROOSTERS) Part 1 with Tove Danovich

Yes, Chickenology is a real word. And we have questions. Such as: should you get a chicken?! Chicken-haver and author of “Under the Henfluence” Tove Danovich stops in to recall how her casual backyard chicken experiment turned into an obsession, a lifestyle, and then a book. We chat about junglefowl, chicken competitions, egg prices, chicken statues, bird personalities, coop logistics, avian flus, shell hues, earlobes, live chicken cams, and more on this Part 1. Stay tuned next week as we address a record-breaking number of listener questions. And watch out for leghorns. 

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  • Chesterpugh

    Incredible company and a fantastic host! Every interview Alie does is packed with fascinating facts and stories because she always manages to find ologists with incredible passion and knowledge


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