Purpose is not Determined by Age with Breanna Ellison

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Purpose is not Determined by Age with Breanna Ellison

Starting a non-profit at the age of 16? This story is incredible and one that will light a fire in YOU. Breanna is an amazing young woman who used a traumatic experience to make a difference. Her perseverance and heart will definitely make you feel excited to live YOUR purpose!

Breanna Ellison is a licensed Go + Tell Gals Coach, Christian, Harry Potter loving, nonprofit running young woman who wants to see you crush your dreams!

As Founder and CEO of Breanna LaShell LLC helping a young generation seek, uncover, and call up their gifts, passions, and aspirations right where they are, is her heart’s mission.

She started her speaking career six years ago through the bullying prevention, community building nonprofit, Speak Love, where she serves as both the CoFounder and President. Breanna has a passion for students, young entrepreneurs, and supporting her community through volunteering, coaching and her nonprofit work. Over her growing career Breanna has had the opportunity to speak at dozens of events and schools and touch thousands of students through her message of inclusivity and the power of words. Her new venture into coaching has allowed her to take that mission even deeper. She enjoys making connections and demonstrating the power of being kind and the impact you can have right where you are, no matter how big or small your realm of influence reaches.

Connect with Breanna

Website: https://www.breannalashell.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coach_breannalashell


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