65. Tune out the NFT FUD and Manage the Fear Of Missing Out

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65. Tune out the NFT FUD and Manage the Fear Of Missing Out

FUD is an abbreviation for fear, uncertainty, and doubt. This abbreviation is usually used to describe a situation where fear controls the user ...

FOMO is anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

HYPE is publicity especially: promotional publicity of an extravagant or contrived kind all the hype before the boxing match.

Now that we are clear on these 3 I want to get real with you and share how it's impacting my mental health and how we must take a step back and identify things that are impacting our energy, our emotions, and our NFT decisions. 

Shoutout to Tyson Ross for suggesting this topic for today's podcast!

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  • CryptoDads NFT
  • Fame Ladies Squad 
  • Playboy Rabbitars

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