EP61- Dr Fink (Prince and the Revolution)

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EP61- Dr Fink (Prince and the Revolution)

St Paul welcomes Dr Fink, Matt Fink to the show.  He was one of the original keyboard players in Prince and the Revolution.   They talk about their different experiences within the Prince camp, and what life after Prince has been like   Directed by St. Paul Peterson Produced by Davide Raso Video Editing by Adi Dovre Wudali   PREVIOUS EPISODES:   Season Three Kenny Loggins - Andrew Gouche - https://apple.co/3rpDZ0G Steve Cole - https://apple.co/3AYSwWY Bernard Allison - https://apple.co/3PzVjv0 Members of Earth Wind and Fire - https://apple.co/3RHA6QK Beatrice Stirnimann - https://apple.co/36rmQNd Eric Gales - https://apple.co/3ibf4tm Mighty Soul Mates - https://apple.co/3BhkgEL   Season Two Eric Leeds -https://apple.co/3D14blz Chad Jeffers and Scott Sheriff - https://apple.co/3n0UeQC Tommy Barbarella - https://apple.co/3Gi5642 Cleto Escobedo - https://apple.co/2YILpRu Porter Carroll and Brian Dunne - https://apple.co/39ITqZe Paul Pesco - https://apple.co/3Cad7Fd Joey Finger - https://apple.co/3zBYF84 Ivan Neville - https://apple.co/3iXVNg3 Will Lee - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... Barry Lather - https://apple.co/3xT1aSR Quinn Sullivan - https://apple.co/3xPDcbb Sonny Emory - https://apple.co/3wMGxHq Jason Falkner - https://apple.co/3pwODB2 Oliver Leiber - https://apple.co/2RIyxrq Gary Hines - https://apple.co/3tUVvc8 Kat Perkins - https://apple.co/3dXoRls Bryan White - https://apple.co/3mSi9Qw Phil X - https://apple.co/3dimVCl Glen Phillips - https://apple.co/3czlE9H Michael Bland - https://apple.co/3kV9qvJ Jerry Wonda - https://apple.co/3ppJ0ms Kenny Aronoff - https://apple.co/2Lbbkeg Leland Sklar - https://apple.co/2XSl4Nh Jason Scheff - https://apple.co/38iqirS Tower of Power Members Tom, Jerry and Roger: https://apple.co/3mAKZTL --
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