S02 E15  Sometimes You Just Want To Smash Your Guitar | A Music Junkies Podcast w/ Chris Modarelli

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S02 E15 Sometimes You Just Want To Smash Your Guitar | A Music Junkies Podcast w/ Chris Modarelli

Fake Rock Records Twitter handle owner, Chris Fake, shares so much including loving music and being an extra in a Kevin Costner and Jennifer Gardner film in Draft It.  What was he?  A party attendee and a referee and holding up their pants while running.  Did he meet them?  He did Jennifer, and he says she was just a sweetheart.  Made him ADDICTED TO LOVE!

Chris' playlist is a trip down memory lane.  He likes all kinds of music. 

His Twitter did not start in 1999, it did start just recently.  Why did he start it?  He's not quite sure.   The posts are hilarious and SUPERNAUT real.  They are Fake Rock Records, yet with some of our views of truth behind the creative posts.   

Listening to VAN HALEN created an ERUPTION where Chris felt like he just wanted to throw, not ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL,  but his guitar!!  across the room trying to figure out how to play it on his guitar.   It was so different and amazing. 

Chris also plays the keyboard, is single, has two daughters, and is not dating.  When he does date, it's like a ROCK AND ROLL FANTASY.  He likes down-to-earth girls with the same interests.   Maybe a COME ON EILEEN type of girl? Doesn't sound like he wants a BARRACUDA. :)

 Words of wisdom?  Go with the flow...  chill out!

Find him on Twitter @cmoda1980

Trivia break: From songmeaningsandfacts.com, this song's meaning is: "Come on Eileen” is a teenage love song, as the lyrics imply that Eileen is just now blossoming into a woman, and the singer appears to be one of her peers. The majority of the song is dedicated to his attempts to – succinctly put – get intimate with her. However, he does not perceive this as an act of lust. Rather he believes that his love for her will endure forever."

More about my guest, Chris:

My name is Chris Modarelli. I went to art school, worked as a graphic designer, and loved music. I play guitar, and keyboards and once appeared as an extra in a movie with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Currently having fun creating fake rock records on Twitter @cmoda1980

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  • Moriss

    Love the podcast, good episode and clear audio! Keep these comming


    Daily listen podcast this is <3

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  • Mario

    Is that a prop 😂


    10:30 til around 20:00 is a great part

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    Good stuff keep it up

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  • Mario

    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit


    @yames check this podcast out its a great one

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    So inspiring and motivational ! Great podcast ⭐️

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