#140 Trust Deed Investments: A Secured Investment That Pays

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#140 Trust Deed Investments: A Secured Investment That Pays

The number one reason that people don’t invest in Real Estate is fear. Fear of picking the wrong property, fear of being a landlord and fear of a down market.  What if you could invest in prime Orange County Real Estate without the fear or the hassle? Our guest CEO of Alliance Portfolio, James Perry is here to us about how this is accomplished by utilizing Trust Deed Investments.  Here’s a few things you’ll learn:

  • The difference between Trust Deeds & Private Mortgage Funds.
  • Owning property vs. owning paper.
  • Types of property to invest in.
  • Making sure a borrower has skin in the game.
  • The evolution of regulation and Private Money Lending.
  • Loan to Value % for typical loan terms.
  • Areas that have intrinsic value.
  • Bridge loans and how they work.
  • Fees of a Trust Deed Investment.
  • What it takes to be an investor.
  • How long does an investor need to stay in a trust deed.

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