#126 10 Most Frequent Financial Concerns of Millennials

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#126 10 Most Frequent Financial Concerns of Millennials

Times have changed and so have the concerns of those in their 20’s.  Graduating college today and jumping into the workforce with a good paying job is far from automatic anymore, so what do millennials do?


On this show Certified Financial Planner Daniel Lungo from Trilogy Financial talks to Dino about the 10 most frequent financial concerns of millennials.  Here are just some of the questions Dino asked Colleen:

  1. I finally got a job that offers retirement benefits, should I contribute and how much?
  2. How should I select my investments?
  3. What should I do with money above my employer match?
  4. Is life insurance important in my early years?
  5. I am moving to another firm, what should I do with my qualified plan?
  6. How can I get rid of credit card debt?
  7. Should I use department store credit cards? Cash back credit cards? Or any other reward cards?
  8. Helpful budgeting tips to free extra cash?
  9. How to overcome financial difficulties during the first year of marriage?
  10. Strategies to save for a child’s education
  11. Divorce, Death, or Inheritance what should be some of the top consideration
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