Modern Earth with Liam Roy

In our modern world, your potential is only bound by your curiosity and creativity! Welcome to the Modern Earth Podcast, the show that dives into the lives of engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers and artists doing innovative things with the help of modern technology. If you find it fascinating to discover unique ways in which modern tools are being used to make our world better, you’re in the right place!

Hosted by Canadian engineer and robotics Ph.D. researcher Liam Roy, this podcast series aims to inspire you by showcasing astounding ways that creative minds are leveraging technology in today’s modern world. We'll dive deep into our guest’s specialization, explore how their field of work is evolving with the help of modern technology, and discuss how this might affect our future. On top of that, we’ll peer behind the scenes to hear some of our guest’s favourite stories from working in their field and learn more about why they’re so passionate about what they do.

Join us as we confront big questions such as the ethics behind developing AI and the implications of integrating robots into our evolving society. Together we’ll give thought to topics such as the utility of augmented and virtual reality, how we might apply new innovative technologies to preserve our planet and where the future may be headed on our Modern Earth. Kick back and enjoy the show, as we take another step closer to the future!

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