Miss Rory’s Story Emporium

Miss Rory’s Story Emporium is a collection of audio stories for families to enjoy together. Each of Miss Rory's stories is delivered as a miniseries containing elements of drama and comedy that will take both kids and grown-ups on an amazing adventure. With themes of wisdom, faith, and friendship woven into each story, you and your kids will be invited to use your imaginations to be part of building the story together. Whether you’re traveling or listening at home, we hope you enjoy these stories together, and may they spark conversations you’ll remember for years to come. Miss Rory's Story Emporium is brought to you by 252 Kids and Studio252.tv. 252 Kids is a monthly, web-based curriculum designed for kindergarten through fifth grade children. 252 Kids believes parents have an important job. In fact, it’s a job so important they deserve all the help they can get. We want to help kids K-5 and their families grow in wisdom, faith, and friendship by giving parents ideas, tools, and strategies to help them lead their kids through this significant time in their life. Studio252.tv is a fun, kid-focused website filled with cues to help families grow in faith and character. It offers resources to help families connect at strategic times of the day and reinforce key biblical concepts through music, videos and activities.
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