Transforming Audiences into Communities with Reka from

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Transforming Audiences into Communities with Reka from

Mint Season 7 Episode 23 welcomes Reka.eth, the Co-founder of

We discuss how Guild has evolved since our last episode in November 2021 and how their tooling has broadened out to fit a larger audience beyond just DAOs.

Reka.eth shares how Guild has grown into being the bridge from the point of discovery to becoming a core member of a community, helping guide new members into the creator's audience. We discuss the mechanics of transforming an audience into a community, and how Guild can help cultivate that.

We also talk about Guild's tooling and its place in the creator stack, with me sharing my mental model and Reka.eth sharing her thoughts on how Guild stands as the connective tissue to make things happen.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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