Balancing One-of-One Releases and Edition Drops: Peter Saputo's Take on Web3 Music Success

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Balancing One-of-One Releases and Edition Drops: Peter Saputo's Take on Web3 Music Success

Mint Season 7 Episode 11 welcomes Peter Saputo, a dynamic and innovative web3-native music artist. We delve into Peter's fascinating journey as a creator in the ever-evolving world of NFTs and crypto. From his early days of building relationships with the likes of Grady and Good Karma, to cultivating a devoted fan base through his creativity, Peter shares his valuable insights on navigating the complexities of web3. 

He also candidly discusses his decision-making process for launching on various minting platforms, balancing one-of-one releases with edition drops, and engaging with his web2 followers on NFTs. 

Peter generously provides tips for success and offers his unique perspective on the most underrated music artist in web3.


I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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    They share his insightful advice on how to successfully navigate the complexities of web3


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