Marsh Lights

Beware, listener. Sometimes the most terrifying things in the dark are the lights. Prepare to be led to the darkest corners of the world and the mind alike where you will encounter foul creatures, dirty deeds, and forbidden knowledge. Marsh Lights serves up original frightening fiction enhanced with music and sound effects to bring the terror one step closer to breathing in your ear. More than just another horror podcast, Marsh Lights mixes standard scares with surrealist sensibilities to bring you into the very fabric of nightmares themselves. Each story is ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE. If you hear it on Marsh Lights, you won't hear it anywhere else. From "urban" horror/suspense to dark fantasy, with a healthy smattering of tales that defy categorization, you'll want to subscribe and keep Marsh Lights in your periphery. After all, the lights like to... try... things when you're not paying attention. Written and produced by Richard Morgan, Marsh Lights is the reincarnation of the Lorehall Library storytelling podcast.
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