Lizz Brown's Podcast

I am a Radio Talk Show Host, Attorney, A columnist, A Marconi Award nominee, and a recipient numerous awards for broadcasting including the Media Excellence Award given at the Press Club in Washington D.C. I have been seen on MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX and I have traded barbs with Pat Buchanan on Scarborough Country and I have been reported on in the NY Times, LA Times and numerous other national papers. I have been known to challenge others to think outside of their comfortable political and social positions-And I have taken Bill Cosby to task on MSNBC, interviewed Barack Obama in studio as well as hundreds of other national and international figures. I have spent my career engaging my community from being arrested for shutting down HWY 70 to raise awareness for unfair construction hiring practices to organizing the only protest in the history of the City of St. Louis that occupied the office of the Mayor for a week. I am a proud Liberal and an advocate for all progressive causes.
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