051 "Living Centered While Deconstructing Our Narratives"

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051 "Living Centered While Deconstructing Our Narratives"

There comes the point in every life when we are invited to examine, question, and often deconstruct the narratives and worldview we grew up with. Whether conscious or unconscious, we all carry around a set of beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us—many of which we picked up from even our earliest childhood memories. For many of us, the process of looking at and making room for ideas, beliefs, and ideologies to change, can feel overwhelming or scary. However, today's guest, therapist, and Onsite Guide, Brent Campbell, believes that deconstruction is a healthy and necessary part of our journey that has the power to propel us to self-reflection, evolution, and growth.

Throughout this interview with Mickenzie and Lindsey, Brent shares his personal story and ways we can move through the process of deconstruction in a way that enables us to rediscover our truest selves on the other side.

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