Ep77. Back To The Basics - Three Suffocating Inner Conflicts.

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Ep77. Back To The Basics - Three Suffocating Inner Conflicts.

If you look around, most humans are settling in some area of their life. People go where they don't want to go, do what they don't want to do, and work for people they don't want to work for all because of three suffocating inner conflicts: worry, doubt, and fear. In this episode we'll discuss each, and I'll help you see through these conditions. 

The primary elements of this episode are:

  1. Worry is praying for what you don't want. 99.9% of everything a human worries about will never happen - unless they worry about them. Worrying increases the likelihood that what they don't want will happen. 
  2. Doubt is the voice of shame. All self-doubt tells the story of where you feel inadequate and insignificant. Shame is simply feeling flawed, broken, and so imperfect that options are limited. Shame is a liar. 
  3. Fear is the anticipation of pain in the future. Fear signals the potential of future danger - and this danger is unlikely to happen. The voice of fear is from our ancestors, and looks to keep us alive. You'll never find freedom from fear - but you can find freedom IN fear. 

Music Credit: " What's Left of Me" by Wes Hoffman & Friends

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