KunstlerCast 366 -- Conversation with Chris M and Chris S of the New Revenant Society.

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KunstlerCast 366 -- Conversation with Chris M and Chris S of the New Revenant Society.

The New Revenant Society is the website and blog of the two Christophers —Christopher M and Christopher S, two off-the-grid homesteaders who are founding a tea plantation in rural Virginia. They invite correspondence by US Mail at 44 Kingston Dr. #159 Daleville VA 24083.

Christopher M is an author and former counterintelligence analyst living in the Appalachian mountains. After high school, he joined the Army Intelligence Corps and deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. His time in the military drove him to want to understand cultures, leading to his completing a bachelor's in sociology and an MBA in strategic management. When he isn't writing, he enjoys reading, cooking, drawing, researching, and spending time with his cats, chickens, and ducks. His new book, The Psychology of Collapsing , will be published in paperback and e-book on December 16, 2022. If you have a Kindle, you can pre-order the e-book now!

Christopher S’s dedication to horticulture and sustainable living propelled him to earn a B.S. in Environmental Sustainability. His passion for nature and sustainable living came together once he discovered Permaculture and its design ethic. Since then, he has worked on several tiny house builds, designed permaculture properties, and currently resides on an 11-acre property in Appalachia, cultivating tea (and other garden projects). Being off-grid has been a challenging experience to break into, but one that aligns with his values and purpose in life. He writes diligently about adapting to a life beyond fossil fuels and building sustainable communities.

The KunstlerCast theme music is the beautiful Two Rivers Waltz written and performed by Larry Unger .

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  • Kimberly

    Is that a prop 😂


    Packed with purpose! These short bites of knowledge and wonder will give you inspiration to stay on your mission, build consistency, and serve others with all your heart!

    4 months ago·7 likes·

    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit

    4 months ago·5 likes·
  • Chris

    “You have thousands of mintues of work.”


    10:30 --> 20:00 amazing bit

    4 months ago·6 likes·

    Good stuff keep it up

    4 months ago·8 likes·
  • Evaa22

    Great episode loved 12:30 the most good interview


    @yames check this podcast out its a great one

    4 months ago·8 likes·

    @Mario This podcast is super fun to listen to and motivating, keep those new episodes going

    4 months ago·1 like·

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