#026 Getting Closer to the Close, with David (Ledge) Ledgerwood

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#026 Getting Closer to the Close, with David (Ledge) Ledgerwood

IN THIS EPISODEHow strong is your account management team when it comes to the skills of closing new business? I’m not talking about taking repeat orders from happy clients here. I’m talking about applying the art of winning new business, creating opportunities, and closing deals, with existing customers. In this episode, I am joined by Nashville-based David ‘Ledge’ Ledgerwood, Managing Partner at Add1Zero, a business that provides lead-to-close sales execution for tech-enabled B2B service companies ready to take the leap from 6 to 7-figure annual revenue. He and his team spend their days, week in week out, sharpening the tools and crafting the processes for maximising revenue and sales opportunities. David truly is the expert here having personally closed more than $40million worth of deals in his career (with an average deal size of $150k plus).   HIGHLIGHTS FROM THIS EPISODE:  With Ledge’s deep-rooted experience and expertise in predominantly selling software and services, and an impressive track record of having helped several companies grow from $0 to $5million in sales – I was keen to tap into his brain and find out: how he and his team define the sales process, what great onboarding looks like for him and how key account managers can use a methodical approach to insight-led selling (where every team member who interacts with clients is feeding information and intelligence back into the business to enable better marketing, better selling and great account management) How informed is your sales approach? Are you and your team acting as intelligence agents who are able to feed powerful insights into your sales approach back into the business? Thus providing higher levels of value to your key account customers and ultimately creating more opportunities for account growth? For me, Ledge’s approach clearly works well for him and his team, I love the intentionality in his work. You will have your own processes and ways of engaging with accounts and onboarding new customers, and it’s always nice to hear how other people work to then decide if there are any great ideas, new or otherwise, that could enhance our account management approach. Did you hear something you liked? Or perhaps disagreed with? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do get in touch and let me know what you’d like you to hear more of as well. Like many of the episodes on KAMCast, LEARNING is the running theme and again, after listening to Ledge - we see more examples of how important it is to close the gap between sales and other departments.    FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MY GUEST: DAVID (LEDGE) LEDGERWOODDavid (‘Ledge’) is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Add1Zero, a business that provides lead-to-close sales execution for B2B services and tech companies ready to take the leap from 6 to 7-figures. With start-up founder, executive, and sales experience spanning more than a decade, Ledge has led growth efforts at several companies into the 7-and 8-figure revenue stages. In his career in sales, he has amassed an impressive deal closure sum of $40M, with an average deal size in excess of $150,000. You can find out more about him on https://add1zero.co/ (his website,) connect with him https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidledgerwood/ (on LinkedIn) or follow him on https://twitter.com/davidledgerwood (Twitter.)
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