The Magic Within

The Magic Within podcast is all about inspiring stories, wisdom to motivate you, uplifting conversations about life, relationships and business. When we share our stories with one another, we create an impact that is lasting. We’re all about giving tangible tools to help you reignite that fire, shine your light and turn UP that magic that’s within you. Katrina Lelli is a transformation coach, Mom, Wife and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is passionate about helping women uncover what is blocking them from truly stepping into their passions, purpose and abundance. Through this show you will hear from guests on their own experiences navigating the obstacles we come in face of during life. Each week, you will get two episodes, one with a kick in your pants motivation and the second a guest expert bringing their knowledge, light and experience of how they got from where they were to who they are today. Let’s get your soul aligned and reignited to boldly step into the beautiful human you’re meant to be.
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