Faith Amidst Uncertainty: Janine Urbaniak Reid and Megan Smalley

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Faith Amidst Uncertainty: Janine Urbaniak Reid and Megan Smalley

When we face scary situations in life, it's easy to wonder if our faith—especially the amount of faith we have—makes a difference. But is it healthy to quantify faith, to think If I just had more faith, my problem would go away! Though tempting, that line of thought doesn’t square with the faith-filled greats all throughout history who followed God despite the fear and uncertainty of their experiences. They practice what the poet John O'Donohue argues we must learn: to "Hold nothing back [and] learn to find ease in risk." God's grace can empower and sustain our faith, too, just like Abraham’s, Rahab’s, and David’s.


Our guests this week are Janine Urbaniak Reid and Megan Smalley . Both tell stories of faith in the crucible, of being pushed to their breaking points only to find God's grace remaining alongside the fear, suffering, joys, and the triumphs. God's grace powered Janine through her son Mason's cancer battle and Megan through an arduous journey to reach her dream of having children.


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Interview Quotes:

“If I could just do what I needed to do, then I was sure that God would bless me. And the plans would go according to what I thought was acceptable. Now, the only thing that we know for sure is that, as some people say, God laughs when you tell Him your plans.” - Janine Urbaniak Reid

“Every time I've been emptied out in my life, I don't love it. But it's a place of miracles, too.” - Janine Urbaniak Reid

“Sometimes we have to push past our self-imposed limits. But there's a time when crisis goes too deep and long that we just have to take care of ourselves.” - Janine Urbaniak Reid

“The point was never to be a perfect mom. The point was always to just be a human mom and love these people through it all. ” - Janine Urbaniak Reid

“There are some things that we walk through that are earth-shattering that we did not choose and we would never choose. And it is so hard…God doesn't promise us an easy life. He promises us hard things. And we have to figure out how to walk through those hard things. And then when we get to the other side, how to look back and recognize what God did and how He brought you through it.” - Megan Smalley

“A lot of times in the season of grief, it's hard to find the words. I can't even tell you how many times I prayed for a baby. And it's like, Okay, God, I don't have any more words .” - Megan Smalley

“I think when you can step outside of yourself and serve somebody else, it gives you a very healthy perspective.” - Megan Smalley

“I think it's a learned skill to focus on what Grace is and then learn how to accept it and apply it in your life.” - Megan Smalley


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