What Happens When An Entrepreneur Experiences Life to the Fullest with Sam Harris

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What Happens When An Entrepreneur Experiences Life to the Fullest with Sam Harris

The places our curiosity takes us are fascinating. Take today’s guest, the annoyingly positive (his words) and endlessly curious entrepreneur and adventurer, Sam Harris. 

“I have always been a relentlessly curious person that can't help seeing what's on the other side of things. And whether that's my fears, or something else, I can't not know.”

Sam is the co-founder and CEO of Simplify, a social podcast app. He’s also climbed some of the world's most dangerous mountains, visited North Korea and nearly died a few times. 

“I have an alarm at 08:30 every day being, ‘Hey, you could climb a mountain and be home by now.’ And it's like, yeah, you can really do some insane things, if you ever put your mind to it.”

He’s also a TEDx speaker, stand up comedian and podcaster. He's full of ideas, creativity and definitely one who follows his curiosity. 

“I'm always curious about optimising your life: the best pathway in terms of your relationships, success, happiness and [having] the freedom to do the things you want to do.”

In today's episode, we talk about how Sam's near death experiences changed the way he goes about life, why studying biology made him a braver creative entrepreneur, and the importance of leaning into your fears and discomfort to gain a more lighthearted perspective in life.

“I really enjoy doing stand up comedy, but I guess there was a bigger fear of it [than North Korea], which is weird, because you're just on a stage. And the worst that can happen is you say some jokes that aren't funny.”

If you want to learn to be less afraid, don’t miss this entertaining episode. 

On today’s podcast:

  • Why he’s proud to be annoyingly positive 
  • Learning from his near death experience
  • Enjoying tangents
  • Learning to be less afraid
  • Finding freedom from desiring things


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  • Jane

    Thanks @Jane

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  • Jane

    @Sam - I love this interview, but the section around 34 mins in where you give a quick overview of Syncify is particularly brilliant and a gave me an idea 🤔 So, how about recording a ' Welcome to Syncify' podcast that you could point new users to - to help familiarise/orient them as they start their podcast journey with Syncify. Worth a try?? 😃

  • Klaas

    Great episode!


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