Best of 2021: Getting Into Product Management From a Non-Traditional Background

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Best of 2021: Getting Into Product Management From a Non-Traditional Background

Today, in the How to Succeed in Product Management Podcast, Jeff and Red welcome our panel of experts on product management to talk about becoming a product manager coming from a different background. The shift in interest from your educational background or career to becoming a customer-oriented problem solver opens a path to become a great PM. Listen in and join them as they share their minds, experiences, and expertise on what helps aspiring PMs to  successfully join this competitive ecosystem.  


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What to Listen For:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:20 PMs from non-traditional background bring in new thinking and perspectives
  • 06:15 Learning product management from best practices from a global perspective
  • 10:47 True or false: “If you don’t know how to code you can’t be a good PM.” 
  • 12:55 Coding may not matter in most environments, it could in smaller startups
  • 16:03 Is being a scrum master a traditional path to becoming a PM?
  • 18:35 Scrum masters tend to work inside of development chops
  • 21:56 UX designers should have an artistic expertise
  • 23:50 Try low resolution experimentation, don’t be afraid to try something that looks horrible
  • 26:00 An example of low-res that works
  • 31:26 The Product Management Life Cycle model
  • 33:20 Educate yourself if you want to break into product management
  • 34:37 Understand what’s required for the job and what do you have in terms of skills
  • 36:54 The language we use differs in different ecosystems
  • 39:19 Find out how does a product life cycle work
  • 40:09 To connect with companies and industries, tap on the networking side
  • 44:10 Managing physical, digital, and software products
  • 47:16 Customer care and problem solving opens a path to product management
  • 48:43 Stay curious and always ask questions
  • 50:11 The person who understand the customers the most matters
  • 51:16 Build site projects, invest in networking, and volunteering opportunities 
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  • Elsa

    When looking at things from the perspective of product management, one gains valuable insight


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